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Part of our function as a distributor of top products and accessories is to organise and ensure great media coverage for our suppliers and retailers. Over the last few years we have built up some fantastic relationships with a variety of media outlets. From morning TV to surfing magazines, we have a number of suitable contacts to help improve product and retailer awareness. If you are in the media and would like to contact us in order to feature one of our products we'd love to hear from you. Please see some of our latest examples below.

Magazine Examples



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Marketing Assistance

MMD Distribution is often selected as a partner of choice due to our ability to focus on, and obtain, desired results. We offer our partners extensive marketing literature and can support them with sidewalk and in-store marketing campaigns. Thanks to a strategic alliance with a well-known media and print firm, we’re in a position to design and deliver technical product sheets, promotional flyers, or any marketing collateral our clients feel they need to help increase sales.